@JasperSawyer So glad We Found you… Interview x Awesome Music


ThePaceMakers: So Jasper Whats Your Statement to the world

Jasper Sawyer : My statement can be summarzied in one word: Love, that’s my message, that’s my music, that’s my life

ThePacemakers: OK so are you single, or taken…inquiring minds want to know

Jasper Sawyer : Jasper Sawyer is married to music and his fans ;) ;)

Jasper Sawyer : And look out for me performing at Little Temple on NOvember 10th

Man Alive^^^^

Run Around ^^^^

Music Sample^^^^^

Wow this mans voice and lyrics are so refreshing, speaking from his heart he has become a fan favorite. This modern day crooner is sure to please the senses  unfortunately at this time he has no music available for download just yet but he we will release some in January. We are proud to announce though that he does have a song placed on the Stomp The Yard 2 Soundtrack called “Evil”  trust us you’re going to want to follow jaspers climb to the top. His story is as interesting as he is check it out.

Born and raised in the heart of Knoxville, Tennessee Jasper Sawyer has risen from what many might consider humble beginnings. Born into the foster care system, he was adopted by his foster care parent Patricia Sawyer who had him since he was only three weeks old.
During his early childhood there was no transportation to allow him to participate in local sports activities so with the help of his mom he began selling candy, soda, chips, and other snacks out of their home to raise money to purchase his first keyboard. He purchased his first keyboard out of the pawn shop for thirty-dollars, and he began practicing day and night until he was ready to pursue a career in the music industry.
Life changed for Jasper when he learned of a competition in Orlando, Florida called Fashion Rock. After winning top-male vocalist during the spring competition, he relocated along with his mom to Orlando, Fl. There, he began to improve his skills by playing locally and gaining experience in performing at various areas.

While in Orlando he met songwriter/producer Julian Bunetta from Family Affair Productions, who began working with him to write and record songs for his forthcoming album. Follow his journey and stay connected through www.jaspersawyermusic.com as he continues his ambitious pursuit to the top!

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